Our first product
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A conversation with CYNORA CEO about our first product

We marked a big milestone earlier this month when we introduced our first product, the cyBlueBooster.  It is a fluorescent blue emitter that is >15% more efficient than the leading alternative product.

The market response has been amazing! We selected some of the questions that came our way and asked our CEO Adam to respond and share a few extra thoughts on what the product means for our business. Enjoy the read.

Describe the new product. How does it help customers?

Adam: We developed our fluorescent blue emitter in close collaboration with ecosystem partners. It’s the result of intensive research and development employing some of the best materials and device experts in the industry. The product performance exceeds that of the blue emitter currently used in high-end AMOLED displays. Compared to that blue emitter, our product delivers 15% higher efficiency, which gives display manufacturers a new option to reduce energy consumption in their displays. CYNORA’s emitter is available in a range of shades and offers low emission in the UV range which reduces harmful impact on the human eye.  Most importantly, the product can be easily integrated into existing OLED stacks. So, the end user stands to gain not only from lower energy consumption (which means longer intervals between charging cycles), but they will also benefit from a much more pleasing viewing experience.

CYNORA is known for its development of TADF-based blue emitters. Does the fluorescent blue product mark a strategic shift for the company? 

Adam: Not at all. In fact, our technology roadmap remains unchanged. A TADF-based blue emitter is still our focus. It just so happens that during development of TADF blue, we discovered a material class that works extremely well as a fluorescent emitter. Naturally, it made good business sense to develop this into a product for a near-term market opportunity that will generate revenue for CYNORA. Moving to commercialization now gives us a head-start on developing our supply chain to support our future business.

What excites you about the OLED industry?

Adam: The OLED industry excites me because it enjoys strong growth and is still very much technology-driven. It’s an industry where small companies like CYNORA can have big success by delivering innovative new products that will help the technology open up even more opportunities. Today’s OLED displays offer a superior and immersive viewing experience which can’t be matched by any other display technology available. That’s why smartphone makers use OLED displays in their mid-tier to high-end smartphones. At CYNORA, we’re proud to be part of this business by offering technology that will stretch the industry even further by enabling flexible, foldable and even transparent displays.

Can you talk about customers?  

Adam: In deference to NDAs, we don’t name customers. However, we enjoy investment and joint development agreements with two of the world’s leading display makers, LG and Samsung. These relationships have been invaluable. They helped us understand technology gaps so that we could develop solutions that deliver immediate enabling value to customers.

What about competitors? There are well-established players in the mix. How do you plan to compete?

Adam: That’s true. And we salute them. They challenge us to be better innovators. Our team is pretty outstanding, however. It includes OLED materials and device experts, as well as business managers who work collaboratively and within a development framework that anticipates customers’ technology needs and develops solutions to address the needs.

What’s next?

Adam: Today’s product launch is CYNORA’s first step towards mass production. From here you can expect further products, which we believe will revolutionize the OLED industry: TADF green and TADF blue. TADF blue will enable substantial energy savings for OLED displays and a tremendous reduction in the complexity of OLED TV stacks. This will result in additional production cost savings for our customers. TADF green will enable OLED display manufacturers to finally cover the color space of the display standard BT.2020, which will open up new dimensions of picture quality.