Cynora's new CTO
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CYNORA’s new CTO: Serial inventor with a passion for process excellence

Meet our new CTO, Dr. Jan Richter.

Jan joined us earlier this month and is already infusing our research and product development programs with new energy, excitement, and fresh ideas.

Jan is no newcomer to emerging science-based companies like CYNORA. In fact, he’s got a special flair for developing disruptive technologies at high-growth startups. Before CYNORA, he helped pioneer a novel laser-based wafering solution at Siltectra, a Dresden-based company that was acquired by Infineon Technologies. He’s bringing the same drive for innovation, process excellence, and product leadership to CYNORA.

You can read more about Jan’s background here.

Here’s what thrills Jan about his new role: “CYNORA plays in one of the most exciting segments of the OLED industry where there’s boundless opportunity for innovation,” he says. “Better emitters = better OLED products. That’s why we’re deploying technologies like machine learning and AI, and advanced modeling techniques to develop best-in-class emitter systems. At the same time, we’re extremely focused on helping customers effectively integrate our products to differentiate and optimize their OLED devices. It’s an invigorating environment for scientists and technologists with a passion for invention.”

Welcome, Jan. We’re excited to have you on board.