Deeper Shade of Green
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Pixel Power with a Deeper Shade of Green

High-definition TVs (HDTVs) dominated attention at the IFA show earlier this month in Berlin, when leading manufacturers rolled out TVs featuring ultra-thin form factors and superb video quality. And still display leaders continue to harness the untapped potential of display-enabling technologies to offer consumers an even more perfect viewing experience.

The “innovation opportunities” are especially exciting in the materials space. Take green emitters, for example. For next-generation displays, BT.2020 is the color-purity standard. It’s an ambitious specification that tests the capabilities of traditional phosphorescent green emitters – the only current solution on the market. To offer the display industry an alternative solution, CYNORA took a “fresh slate” approach with a vision to develop a Deep Green product capable of satisfying the must-haves for next-generation displays: exceptional color purity, high efficiency and long lifetime.

That’s the focus of our CEO’s talk at OLEDS World Summit on October 2. The annual event will be held online from September 30-October 2.

Our Deep Green product leverages two emitters in what we call a “hyper-fluorescent” configuration. Each carries a distinct enabling advantage. The first is a TADF emitter which optimizes efficiency and lifetime. The second is a fluorescent dopant with an extremely narrow emission spectrum in the deep green region and optimizes the color. Combining the two maximizes the benefits of each to deliver a Deep Green with no compromises.

The Deep Green solution is the first member of CYNORA’s TADF-based family of emitters. Since launching our first fluorescent blue emitter earlier this year, the pace of research at CYNORA has accelerated. We set aggressive development timelines for our Deep Green product and are on track to deliver thanks to machine learning technologies and advanced modeling techniques that help us synthesize and converge faster on molecules with ideal emitter characteristics.

In his video presentation at the OLEDs World Summit, Adam will share details on the technology fundamentals that underpin our Deep Green product. He’ll reveal new performance data and share the next milestones on our commercialization roadmap. His presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session.

We invite you to tune in.