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Kristian Schmidt-Garve, LL.M.
General Partner,
MIG Verwaltungs AG
Chairman of the Advisory Board

Kristian Schmidt-Garve is a General Partner and member of the Executive Board at MIG Verwaltungs AG.

After working at Coudert Brothers LL.P law firm and the Tele München group, he has been part of MIG Verwaltungs AG since 2007.

Kristian studied law in both Berlin (FU Berlin) and Japan (Kyushu University). He is a licensed lawyer and also holds a Master’s degree in international business and commercial law.

Dr. Axel Thierauf
Venture Partner,
MIG Verwaltungs AG

Axel Thierauf is a Venture Partner at MIG Verwaltungs AG. He was a member of the Executive Board at Erlus AG for several years, a medium-sized listed company. In addition, he founded various high-tech businesses, including Si4Health GmbH, which he later sold to a large pharmaceutical company.

He has been working in the sectors of corporate finance and business consultancy since 2009.

Axel received a degree in Physics from the University of Würzburg. He also has a Ph.D. from the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research.

Thilo Schmid
Investment Manager,
Wecken & Cie

Thilo Schmid has been an Investment Manager at Wecken & Cie. since 2008, where he is responsible for venture capital and real estate investments. He was one of the first employees in the Wecken Family Office. In his professional career, Thilo has held several positions in the software industry and in the real estate business. He worked for KHK-Software in Frankfurt & Basel and stayed with Klaus Wecken after KHK was sold in 1997. He then joined his Real Estate Development Team.

In 2011 Wecken & Cie was the first company to invest in CYNORA.

Minhyoung Lee
Head of New Business Division,
LG Display Co., Ltd

Minhyoung Lee is Head of the New Business Division at LG Display Co., Ltd. He joined LG Display in 2001 and became a leader of the Corporate Strategy Team in 2009. He began his career as a Process Engineer in LG Semicon in 1995.

Minhyoung holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Chung Ang University and an Executive MBA from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Michael Pachos
Managing Director,
Samsung Ventures

Michael Pachos is a Managing Director at Samsung Ventures. Michael joined Samsung in 2008, first working out of the Seoul headquarters, and then transferring to Menlo Park, USA, in 2013. He focuses on Consumer, Display, Fin-tech, and IT-related investments. Select display-related investments include Novaled (acquired by Samsung), nLight (IPO NASDAQ), Plextronics (acquired by Solvay), Mecatronix (acquired by Applied Materials), and Kateeva.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from The Wharton School.

Dan Rubin
General Partner, SRF

With over thirty years of advanced materials and semiconductor and display manufacturing experience, Dan Rubin has a strong track record for starting and transforming businesses in these markets.

In 2016, Dan led an acquisition of Impakt Holdings, a display and semiconductor manufacturing equipment company. He became CEO and led the company to significant growth with a revenue increase of 300% in just over 2 years. Before that, Dan was Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Ichor Systems, a gas and chemical delivery subsystem company.

Dan also co-founded several start-ups, including: Synos Technology, a provider of scalable ALD solutions for OLED display manufacturers and Jetalon Solutions, a liquid analysis instrument company. In 1999, he cofounded Celerity, Inc by raising funds to acquire 3 small companies, where he innovated a new business model for supplying the semiconductor equipment market.

Dan previously served on several non-profit and company Boards.