CYNORA's new chief strategy advisor

CYNORA’s new chief strategy advisor: serial entrepreneur & early advocate of OLED technology

Meet our new Chief Strategy Advisor, Dr. Bernhard Stapp.

Bernhard joined our leadership team last month. His special expertise is helping companies anticipate technology trends and develop winning products well before the trends become mainstream realities. An early and firm believer in OLED technology, he introduced the world’s first OLED lighting products to the global market.

Bernhard is an organic chemist at heart. He says that the knowledge and discipline of organic chemistry has informed his work in every role throughout his career. He rose through the ranks at German tech giant, Siemens, first as a scientist, then in operations management positions, and finally as head of the materials and manufacturing department. After that he blended his deep technology and executive expertise to lead OSRAM’s global solid-state lighting business.

You can read more about Bernhard’s background here.

Bernhard describes what attracted him to CYNORA: “I’ve always been drawn to companies that are developing technologies with the potential to transform industries. OLED technology is still in its infancy, with extraordinary potential yet to be realized. We’re already seeing some of that potential in exciting stretchable and even foldable displays. Better emitter solutions are an essential driver of that trend – with the capability to dramatically improve the power-efficiency of future OLED-enabled products. If you thrive on innovation, it’s the space to be in right now.”

Welcome, Bernhard. We’re excited to work with you.