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Display Week through a different lens

In a fitting salute to advanced display technology, display professionals worldwide will gather at Display Week 2020 through the displays on their mobile or laptop devices. With diligence, commitment and creativity, the staff at the Society for Information Display turned this year’s conference into a virtual event to be held Aug 3-7. Pandemic notwithstanding, the show goes on! We applaud their efforts, and we look forward to contributing to lively discussions on display trends and technology innovations throughout the week.

Our CEO, Adam, will speak at the Business Conference. Since he joined CYNORA just over a year ago, much has happened. With $25M in fresh Series C capital secured in May 2019, we accelerated our research activities and strengthened our team by adding Dr. Jan Richter as Chief Technology Officer, and Bernhard Stapp as Chief Strategy Officer. Early this year, we began our transition to commercialization by launching our first product, the cyBlueBooster™ — a fluorescent blue emitter that delivers efficiency gains of >15% when compared to similar products.

CEO Adam A. Kablanian

In his talk titled “Optimizing OLEDs with Materials Ingenuity”, Adam will address CYNORA’s progress to deliver TADF-based emitter solutions that satisfy the key must-haves for next-generation displays: high efficiency, high brightness and long lifetime. He’ll reveal our near-term commercialization plans for CYNORA’s deep Green product, and the latest on our TADF-based deep Blue emitter.

CYNORA’s cyBlueBooster. A power boost for OLEDs

Deep BLUE emitters remain an obstacle to better power consumption in next-generation OLED panels. Fluorescent products like CYNORA’s cyBlueBooster help bridge the gap in the near term by offering meaningful efficiency gains. We believe that the route to near-100% efficiency is by combining fluorescent blue emitters with TADF to create a hyper-fluorescent system. Getting there requires an extraordinarily precise materials match. It also calls for close engagements with panel makers to help them integrate the new emitters that will differentiate and optimize their OLED devices. Adam will address this and more in his talk.

We’re excited to share the latest from CYNORA. We invite you to tune in.