CYNORA’s cyBlueBooster is a fluorescent blue emitter that enables display leaders to optimize the efficiency of their OLED devices. The product was developed in collaboration with CYNORA’s OLED ecosystem partners. It employs an advanced molecular design and is >15 percent more efficient than comparative emitters. Introduced in March 2020, it is the first product on CYNORA’s technology roadmap that will later include green and blue emitters based on the company’s proprietary and differentiated TADF materials platform.

Key Enabling Benefits

  • >15 percent more efficient than comparative emitters
  • Available in diverse shades of blue, giving customers flexibility to select the shade that optimizes their unique OLED application(s)
  • Improved color point
  • Better viewing experience, thanks to a narrow emission spectrum (<30nm full-width at half maximum) that reduces harmful UV light
  • Can be easily integrated into existing OLED stacks with only minor adjustments to the stack

A solution to reduce power consumption in OLED devices

The cyBlueBooster gives display manufacturers a new solution to harness untapped efficiencies in the emission layer of their OLED devices, and further differentiate their products. Such OLED devices form the backbone of exciting new flexible, foldable and ultra-thin displays.

To enable the novel form factors and achieve a superior color point, low power consumption is imperative. The emission layers determine the overall performance of the OLED stack and exert a strong influence on power consumption. Blue is the least efficient emitter. For the display industry, a more efficient solution is a high priority, and the focus of relentless materials innovation.

CYNORA pioneered the cyBlueBooster to address the industry need, leveraging its world-class materials and device experts. The product enables today’s OLEDs, as well as QD OLEDs for next-generation displays.

Improved Emission Spectrum for Deeper Blue Color

CIE Chart