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cyUltimateGreen™ Device Test Kits

Photo: CYNORA’s cyUltimateGreen Device Test Kit ǀ Source CYNORA, Dr. Harald Flügge

CYNORA’s cyUltimateGreen™ is a Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF)-based Deep Green emitter.

The material delivers efficiency of more than 20 percent, which meets current industry specifications of 150cd/A in top emission devices. It demonstrates lifetime of 400 h LT95@15mA/cm², and color point and spectra that match today’s DCI-P3 standard, and even improve it with higher color purity requested by many customers. In addition, the product shows that our technology is compatible with BT2020, a color point CYNORA is targeting by further improving color purity.
In the OLED stack the emissive layer (with green, red and blue emitters) determinates the overall performance of the OLED stack. The green material influences the color purity and the brightness of the green pixel. CYNORA’s TADF Deep Green emitter will enable higher brightness and exceptional color purity.

In January 2021, CYNORA announced that device test kits for the cyUltimateGreen™ are available to customers. The milestone represents the industry’s first green TADF emitters that are ready for testing by display manufacturers.